A mission, to open hearts


An urge for Inclusion

In France, 700,000 people are diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorders and 65,000 are with down syndrome. Those with intellectual disability are two to three times more affected by unemployment than the rest of the population. Only 0.5% of people with intellectual disabilities have a job.

In addition to providing an innovative solution for the inclusion of the people recruited, Café Joyeux intends to repair this inequality. In 2017, the first solidarity restaurant Café Joyeux was created, employing and training people with mental and cognitive disabilities.

A vision

To open hearts to people's differences for a more empathetic and harmonious society.

A mission

The inclusion of people with intellectual disability through work and encounters.

An ambition

To develop a family of quality café-restaurants to recruit and train people with mental and cognitive disabilities.

Cafe Joyeux and one of its inclusive catering teams for mental and cognitive disabilities
In France, 700,000 people are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and 65,000 with Down's syndrome.


After the recruitment phase, our cheerful team members start out as interns or secondees from the organizations where they work.

Once their skills have been assessed, our joyful crew members are employedon a permanent basis and trained by our vocational school, a team made up of specialists in HR, management, cooking and specialist educators.

They are then assigned to functions adapted to their abilities and are supervised by professional and caring managers in the restaurant business. They learn all of of the following roles :  greeting, cashier, food preparation and waitering.

Café Joyeux allows each of its team members to gain confidence, gain experience and feel fully involved in the company. The objective is to allow our happy team members to discover and reveal their talents and to progress within a committed team to show their unique strengths in the business world.

Our key numbers


Coffee shops in
Rennes, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Tours, Montpellier, Nantes and internationally in Brussels, Lisbon and Cascais


Joyful team members with
mental and cognitive disabilities


Managers and catering professionals
accompany and train them


Brand of specialty coffees in
beans, capsules and ground coffee

whose products are shipped by a team of


Fullfillment company, FM Logistic, wich employs IDD workers which we call for the preparation of our orders.

400 000

Guests came to eat
in our Happy Cafés.

9 million

Cups of Café Joyeux have been enjoyed
at home and in the workplace !



Because every detail contributes to magic of an atmosphere, we take meticulous care of our decor as we welcome you into the space that holds a special place in our lives. The decoration of our cafés-restaurants is crafted by Sarah Poniatowski, founder of Maison Sarah Lavoine and a renowned interior designer. Because BEAUTY is one of the values of Café Joyeux, we embrace it it for the well-being of our teams and our guests.


At Café Joyeux, we uphold strong culinary principles, wich include a commitment to seasonal ingredients, sourcing the finest products, and promoting local suppliers. Everything is home-made and seasonal at Café Joyeux! Our cheerful team members prepare and serve a gourmet menu each day, straight from the heart. We have been working alongside renowned chef  Thierry Marx and his team to further enhance our culinary offerings across our cafe-restaurants.


Because nobody is perfect! Our team is unique, always professional and proud to welcome you in their 15 Café Joyeux in France and abroad. Our team finds joy in creating convivial and extraordinary moments with you.

Café Joyeux: inclusive restaurant for people with disabilities in a mainstream environment served from the heart
Café Joyeux: a positive revolution of our employees with mental and cognitive disabilities.


Becoming an employee at Café Joyeux changes the daily life of our happy team, but also that of their families and friends.

"This job has brought me a lot of happiness, because I have made a lot of friends since I arrived. I said to myself I am like the others and even if I am disabled, I can work, I can have a flat, I can have everything". 

Brandon, employee on a permanent contract at Café Joyeux in Rennes since 2017